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Make your recipient have the most blessed Holi pageant year than he/she ever had. May it’s complete of a laugh, joy and love. Sending this Axe Holi Gift Set For Male is believed to convey happiness and prosperity for your receiver’s lifestyles. Wish right good fortune and fulfilment with this present item in your dear ones. Sometimes you will in no way realize the price of a moment till It will become a memory. We send Herbal Gulal which is made from natural ingredients that doesn’t damage our skin. The Gulal consists of colours as well as glitters which upload up to the colourful birthday party. Shower your love to your loved ones with shades of happiness and joy as you surprise him or her with this present bog down on Holi. An perfect way to make their Holi a laugh-filled and noteworthy. Colours are the maximum joyous a part of the Holi celebrations. They add lifestyles and energy to the competition making it most colourful of all. The nice option could be to play with herbal domestic-made hues. Your skin will experience tampered with the usage of pores and skin pleasant natural merchandise like this impede. This blend is offered as a present to any person. Fill the special day of your loved ones with lots of sweetness and brightness. Surprise them with this beautiful holi present hamper. Browse your preferred merchandise, it is very effortlessly to be had for online shopping from everywhere in India with Free Shipping.
Product Includes :
• Axe Peacemaker Shower Gel (Weight: 250 ml )
• Axe Apollo Deodorants (Weight: 150 ml)
• Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Iris Florentina Soap (Weight: 100 Gms)
• Along with One Container of Non-toxic herbal scented holi color (Weight: 50 Gms)

Product information
• Color: Axe Rise, Axe Gold, Axe Apollo
• Item Weight: 250ml, 150ml, 100gm, 50gm
• Number of Items: 4


Axe Rise, Axe Gold, Axe Apollo

Item Weight

250ml, 150ml, 100gm, 50gm

Number of Items





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